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About Template Card Tutorial

This course teaches explicit routines for Foundational Skills, such as Sound-by-Sound Blending, Word Learning, and Fluency.

This tutorial covers Template Card instruction for Cards 1-14, Signaling Box Examples 1-7, Multisyllabic Examples for Card 10, and the Phonics/Decoding Strategy.

This tutorial is designed to help educators refine their instruction with our Templates for Effective Instruction routines and examples related to the Foundational Skills instruction taught in Reading Academy—Series A. There are multiple steps participants are taken through for each Template Card or Example to help them master the critical aspects of the routines. Instruction is demonstrated, then followed by prompts asking the participant to practice. Routines cover all or some of the following steps listed below (as applicable):

▪ Step 1: Signaling Box Pattern
▪ Step 2: Signaling Box Pattern with a Complete Practice Set

▪ Step 3: Complete Routine without Errors
▪ Step 4: Complete Routine with Errors and Corrections
▪ Step 5: Common Errors
▪ Step 6: Check for Understanding-Right or Wrong?

100% of the profit from this product goes to support Infinite Hope International.

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