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About Implementation Support—Series B: Part 1

This course is designed to help school leadership support instruction related to Informational Text Standards. We recommend this course for site administrators and enrollees in Expert Certification.



1. This course is recommended for school principals and site leadership who have at least one Reading Expert onsite who has attended the Ashlock Consulting Expert Certification—Series B.


2. It is also recommended that Reading Experts complete Expert Certification—Series A, and Implementation Support—Series A: Part 1 and Part 2 before taking this course.




This course is designed to help school leadership work effectively with their Reading Experts to support the implementation of effective reading instruction related to Foundational Skills. The course is designed for site administrators to take with a Reading Expert assigned to their site at the same time.


Each session will be approximately 60–90 minutes in length and will focus on sustaining growth with Informational Standards through effective planning and implementation. There are five sessions in Series B—Part 1 focused on vocabulary and comprehension instruction. It is recommended that the site administrators complete one session a month.


References to our Reading Strategy and Skill Resource  will be made throughout the sessions. It is recommended that you purchase the Reading Strategy and Skill Resource for your students and staff.

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